Donguri Kai

Donguri Kai

Donguri Kai

The Donguri Kai program is for children who want to learn Japanese at any ability level.

Donguri Kai program is an online and in-person Japanese language program for children in K – 6 grade. It offers classes at beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Its small class size class creates an interactive learning environment for all students. Teachers closely work with each student to fortify reading, pronunciation, conversation, and communication skills. Students interact and stimulate each other through interactive exercises.

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2024 Winter session starts the week of January 8, 2024. Class size is limited to 6 – 8 students. Register early to ensure a spot for your child.

For the class schedule and the registration form, please visit each class information page: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

If you already know your preferred class, click the button below to go directly to the registration form. Please email ( to consult with Donguri Kai teachers if you are unsure which class to sign up for.

Donguri Kai - About
Donguri Kai - Class level 1

Level 1

Target Student: K – 3rd grade who learn Japanese for the first time
Learning Focus: Daily use Japanese vocabulary, greeting phrases, and the use of the Hiragana/Katakana charts

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Donguri Kai - Class level 2

Level 2

Target Student: K – 4th grade who completed Level 1 or who are able to read Hiragana words with the chart and know basic 1st grade words in Japanese.
Learning Focus: Reading Hiragana/Katakana words, Listening and comprehension, conversations by making a sentence

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Donguri Kai - Class level 3

Level 3

Target Student: 3rd – 6th grade who completed Level 2 or those who are able to comprehend and make simple conversations
Learning Focus: Basic Kanji, making complex sentences, reading short articles

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Donguri Kai - Class level 4

Level 4

Target Student: 3rd – 6th grade who completed Level 3 or those who are able express self without any help and able to read articles with basic Kanji.
Learning Focus: Self research of Kanji, typing Japanese and creating media texts, presentations, translations, volunteering

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Tampopo Kai

Tampopo Kai is an Japanese cultural program for preschoolers. Through various engaging activities, children and their parents are exposed to the richness of the Japanese language and culture.

Kids Day Camp

Kids Day camps are held on school vacation days and during long breaks.

JASC Youth Volunteer Program

JASC offers various volunteer opportunities for middle school and high school students at JASC programs and events. Students receive their service hours and documentation for their work.


9/11 – 12/16 – 12 weeks
*NO classes in the week of 10/23 (mid-break)
11/20 (Thanksgiving)

1/8 -3/23 – 10 weeks
*NO classes in the week of 2/12 (mid-break)

4/8 – 5/18 (6 weeks)

SUMMER Courses:
6/10 – 7/12