Supporting JASC

Supporting JASC

Supporting JASC

There are several ways to support the work of JASC including membership, corporate and personal donations, in-kind donations and bequests through wills and trusts.


Your membership in JASC provides vital support for an organization that shows the world the positive impact that an ethnically diverse population can have on the strength and freedom of our society. Your membership helps better the community’s quality of life. It helps combat hate and bigotry through education and awareness. It means that Japanese American history, heritage and culture will be preserved and passed on to future generations. You can join on-line by filling out the Membership Application and paying with any credit card.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of JASC, you will receive:

  • regular electronic newsletters, email announcements, featuring upcoming events, profiles of prominent JASC citizens, helpful articles, reviews of national guest speakers involved in our organization, community service announcements, and much more;
  • member coupons for discounts on various services and restaurants in the Chicago area;
  • member rates for classes and community programs such as the much valued Health Screening;
  • invitations to attend JASC functions at special member rates;
  • eligibility to apply for JASC Scholarships.

As a privilege of membership in JASC, you will be eligible to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Membership Rates

Memberships are for one year, based on the renewal date.

  • Family (including partner & children under 18) – $110
  • Individual (age 19+) – $80
  • Student (full-time students only) – $40
  • Senior Citizen (age 65+) – $65
  • Senior Couple (age 65+) – $85

Special Membership Levels

Special Memberships will be acknowledged in JASC publications. They include spouse/partner and all children under 18

  • Sakura – $1,000
  • Pine Trees – $500
  • Bamboo – $250
  • Plum Blossoms – $150


Your gift allows us to continue our 72 year legacy of service to the community, and expand on our programs including:

  • Services to seniors including nutrition, safe and reliable transportation, and social services
  • Homestyle Japanese Cooking classes
  • Japanese Language classes
  • Cultural programs – Ikebana, Sumi-e
  • Legacy center archives, and educational programs and workshops
  • Pre-school Tampopo Kai introduces children to Japanese culture and language
  • Donguri Kai Japanese language class for school age children

Thank you for your generous support of our service to the community!

I will support the JASC with a tax deductible contribution

JASC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please check with your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation.

Personal donations may be made in memory of a loved one, in honor/celebration of a special occasion; part of a bequest/charitable gift; designated for a particular program e.g. Adult Day Services, Homemaker Support Services; or just given outright. For information on Corporate Donations, please call Mike Takada at 773-275-0097 ext. 230.

Please see Donating to Legacy Center (go to bottom of the page) to see the types of items we would like to add to our Archives, to help document the Japanese American experience.

Planned Giving

JASC, like many nonprofits, relies heavily on the generosity of our members and friends to continue providing exemplary community services. Please consider preserving your legacy with JASC through estate planning. Every monetary contribution helps JASC continue to have the impact our community and friends deserve, and provides donors a meaningful charitable donation with an impact that will be felt for years to come.
If you are interested in including JASC in your will or trust, please contact our CEO, Mike Takada, by phone at 773-275-0097 or by email at

Thank you for supporting JASC!

JASC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.