Art Classes

Art Classes

Art Classes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person art classes are postponed until further notice. Origami classes are taking place online. Please stay tuned for more online content!

Art classes, from high art to folk art, have always been among our most popular cultural offerings. Class size is limited. Class fees vary according to materials used.

For additional information please call Kay Kawaguchi at 773-275-0097 ext. 226, or email:


JASC Ikebana classesExperience the beautiful simplicity of ikebana, the art of flower arranging. Here you will learn the basics and be able to create your own stunning flower arrangements.  Fee includes flower material cost.  Students will need their own needle point holder (aka, frog, kenzan), some are available for use during class, but students will need their own to enjoy their work at home.  Some will be available for purchase in class.  Here is an example of the appropriate kenzan for the rectangular Ohara School style.  Students will be able to use a vase in class, but to display work at home, a flat bottom vase is needed.

Instructor :  Mrs. Yuko Inoue Darcy
(Ohara School of Ikebana Chicago Chapter)


Explore Sumi-e, the art of Japanese ink painting. Beginners will learn to use traditional equipment and techniques used to paint classical nature subjects such as bamboo, chrysanthemums, and plums.

Instructor: Mrs. Kay Thomas

Origami – Online

JASC Ikebana classesThe Chicago Northside Origami Group is currently meeting online via Zoom. Please bring paper for folding, and any models or books you would like to share. Please contact: June Yamasaki at , for more information.

Meets every 4th Saturday of the month

All skill levels welcome!


Called one of the highest of all arts, shodo, or Japanese calligraphy is offered to beginners in a series of five workshops teaching history, technique and usage.


Sumi-nagashi means floating ink. This art form originated in 18th century Japan. Marble-like patterns are created by floating ink on water, and transferred to absorbent paper.  No two are ever alike. Finished pieces may be framed, used in paper craft projects or as cards or note paper for holiday use.