Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services is a program that offers supportive services to older adults and their families, enabling the adults to maintain their independence and hold onto the quality of life and dignity they deserve. The program provides different activities to help maintain and develop physical and mental capacities to the fullest. As a service program, we are committed to:

  • assisting clients with their physical, mental and emotional needs;
  • providing clients with a stimulating environment, enabling them to enjoy their golden years and to share their vast experience with others;
  • providing family caregivers with needed respite.

At JASC we provide each client with a customized care plan, and will work with the participant’s family caregivers and medical professionals to meet their individual needs. The staff at JASC is specially trained; there is a full schedule of recreational activities created for clients, incorporating art, music, dance and more. There is NO television watching, unless what is being viewed is incorporated into one of the group activities. We offer the additional benefits of two professional Registered Nurses on staff. This allows each client to receive even more individual attention.

Daily professional services and activities include:

  • a light breakfast, a full lunch and an afternoon snack (accommodations for special dietary needs can be made);
  • assistance with personal needs;
  • counseling and support services;
  • physical fitness exercises;
  • nursing services, including medication administration
  • holiday celebrations and entertainment;
  • group and individual recreational activities designed to promote independence and self-esteem;
  • supervised outings to local attractions;
  • access to other resources such as social workers, Home Support Services, and medical referrals.

Program Overview:

Location – JASC, 4427 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL  60640

Hours of Operation – Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Closed on weekends and holidays.

Transportation – A wheelchair lift-equipped bus and vans are used to transport clients. Drivers assist clients getting in and out of the vehicles.

Fee Schedule – the private pay rate is $75 per day without transportation, and $85 per day with transportation. Clients are billed only for the days they attend.  Bills are mailed on the 10th of each month for the previous month’s service, and are due upon receipt.

For clients who qualify under the Illinois Department on Aging (IDOA) Community Care Program, the IDOA pays for participation in Adult Day Services.

For clients who qualify under the Veteran’s Administration (VA) guidelines, the VA pays for participation in Adult Day Services. The rate is $75 per day without transportation and $85 per day with transportation

For more information about Adult Day Services, please contact JASC by phone at 773-275-7212 or by email: We urge prospective participants and their families to visit JASC and check out this wonderful program.