About Donguri Kai

About Donguri Kai

About Donguri Kai


Donguri Kai - About
Donguri Kai is a place to enjoy learning the language and culture with friends
Donguri Kai - About
Donguri Kai is an opportunity to acquire communication skills using the Japanese language
Donguri Kai - About
Donguri Kai is a chance to strengthen and utilize the linguistic ability in real life applications


JASC’s Donguri Kai started in 2017 as a new program to provide continuing Japanese language education for Chicago area children in K – 6 grade. Donguri Kai expanded options for children who graduated from JASC’s Tampopo Kai program for preschoolers and other primary school children interested in studying Japanese.

The 4 levels in Donguri Kai are created based on the JF Standards for Japanese-Language Education of the Japan Foundation. Donguri Kai teachers assess students Japanese communication skills through practical activities, actual communications, and situations where students use the language.

Donguri Kai offers small classes which provide an interactive learning environment for every student. Teachers work closely with students to fortify reading, pronunciation, conversation, and communication skills. Students also interact on-screen to stimulate and encourage each other through various learning activities.

Donguri Kai provides hands on learning opportunities for students to train and test their real-life skill sets with the language. The program has created training projects and volunteer opportunities within the JASC programs and at JASC events.

Donguri Kai Calendar

An annual project – Donguri Kai calendar with students’ hand-drawing pictures and warmhearted messages to send to a senior housing community.

Kagami Biraki
New Year’s Card Contest

A New Year’s event of a Japanese tradition, a New Year’s Card 年賀状 design contest is helda at JASC Kagami Biraki 鏡開き.

kids camp
New Year Kids Camp

The annual Kids Camp introducing Japanese traditions such as New Year’s calligraphy 書初め and Ikebana 初生け.