JASC summer story time

Join the second July Summer Storytime to hear Japanese picture books read aloud in Japanese by Donguri Kai and JASC Youth Volunteers

Enjoy this special event for babies and toddlers. This is a free event. Of course, your donation (suggested amount of $10) is greatly appreciated. Your generosity makes it possible for JASC to continue providing and expanding family programs and events at JASC.No registration required – simply come on Saturday July 15 to the Tampopo Room at JASC.There are 6 reading stations at Storytime. You go around to each station where the big sisters and brothers read summer-themed books for you. You get to pick a book from a selection on the table.After you listen to the story, the reader will give you a stamp in your Storytime booklet. When all 6 pages are stamped, you’ll get a fun gift!