Northbrook Public Library Exhibit – Further Reading

Northbrook Public Library Exhibit – Further Reading

Further Reading to Accompany the 2023 One Book, One Northbrook Exhibit

The selection for Northbrook Public Library’s One Book, One Northbrook in 2023 is Clark and Division by Naomi Hirahara.  The JASC Legacy Center collaborated with NPL staff to develop an exhibit to provide historical context for the book.  The resources below are grouped according to the subject matter of each section of the exhibit and are intended to provide a jumping off point for further exploration.


Pre-World War II: Japanese American Immigration Patterns to the U.S.

Pre-WWII: Early Japanese in Chicago

Forced Removal and Incarceration: Pearl Harbor and Executive Order 9066

  • Executive Order 9066, Densho Encyclopedia
  • Assembly Centers, Densho Encyclopedia
  • Looking Like the Enemy, Densho
    The second of Densho’s six-part introduction to World War II incarceration history, this segment combines explanatory text and a short video exploring the impact of Executive Order 9066 in the aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Forced Removal and Incarceration: Life in Camp

  • American Concentration Camps, Densho
    Part three of Densho’s introductory series on World War II incarceration, this segment explores life in the incarceration camps through explanatory text and a short video.
  • Campu podcast, Densho 
    A carefully researched and beautifully produced series of six podcast episodes created by siblings Hana and Noah Maruyama, drawing heavily from Densho’s extensive oral history collection.  Each episode explores a different theme of camp life through the voices of camp survivors woven together with carefully crafted narrative.  (Episodes: RocksPaperFencesCamerasLatrinesFood)

Forced Removal and Incarceration: Release from Camp

Resettlement in Chicago: Choosing Chicago, Work Life and Housing, and Social Life

  • Resettlement in Chicago, Densho Encyclopedia
  • “A Report”, 1947, Chicago Resettlers Committee
    This report published in 1947 by the Chicago Resettlers Committee (later renamed the Japanese American Service Committee) provides insight into the challenges faced by Japanese Americans seeking employment, housing, and social services during the Resettlement era in Chicago.
  • “Stardust and Street of Dreams: Chicago Girls Clubs”Chicago History, Spring 2001
    This article by Alice Murata explores the role of girls clubs in the social lives of young Japanese Americans in Chicago during the Resettlement era.
  • Japanese Americans on Chicago’s South Side – Oakland/Kenwood, 1940s-1950
    A series of three articles by Erik Matsunaga published on the Discover Nikkei website.

  • Japanese Americans on Chicago’s Near North Side, 1940s-1960s
    A series of three articles by Erik Matsunaga published on the Discover Nikkei website.

Redress and Contemporary Activism: Redress Movement

  • Redress Movement, Densho Encyclopedia
  • Righting a Wrong, Densho
    Part five of Densho’s six-part introductory series on World War II incarceration, this segment covers the redress movement through a combination of explanatory text and a short video.
  • Reckoning, Japanese American Service Committee
    This interactive, multimedia-based digital experience shines a light on the Japanese American redress movement and the contributions of Chicagoans to the national effort. Designed with classroom use in mind, it features first-person narrative elements and includes key terms, reflection questions, and supplemental resource lists pointing to many primary source materials for further exploration.

Redress and Contemporary Activism: Community Memory

  • Chicago Day of Remembrance
    Visit this website to view information about current and past events marking the annual Day of Remembrance on the anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066.  The Chicago Day of Remembrance is a joint program of the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society, Japanese American Citizens League – Chicago Chapter, Japanese American Service Committee, and Japanese Mutual Aid Society
  • Kansha Project, Japanese American Citizens League – Chicago Chapter
    The Kansha Project is a program offered by the JACL Chicago Chapter to help Midwestern Japanese Americans ages 18-25 learn about their identity, history and community.
  • Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages
    A centralized resource for information about pilgrimages and other educational opportunities connected to the former incarceration sites.
  • Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago
    This resource from AAAJ’s Chicago chapter provides information about the TEAACH Act in Illinois, including training workshops and implementation resources for teachers.

Redress and Contemporary Activism: Taking Action Today

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